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Titanium Supplier

We are located in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province High-tech Zone East, specializing in titanium materials and research and development and production of titanium materials and products. Our main products are titanium materials, medical titanium, titanium pipe / copper nickel pipe and fittings, which are widely used in scientific research, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, marine and other fields. Titanium CN is a sub-unit of the North Steel Group. Learn more about our history and our Customer Service Charter and meet our team!.

Sound Technical and Quality Assurance

Titanium ISO CertificateWith over 20 years of titanium / copper nickel materials, products and chemical equipment production experience; strict implementation of ISO9001: 2000 quality management system; according to user specific requirements for the design, manufacture; acceptable third-party certification audit.

Professional Production Equipment

Has a vacuum melting equipment, forging equipment, presses, elbow pushing machine / bending machine, professional welding equipment, pipe fittings molding equipment, dozens of sets of main production equipment and testing equipment; and many large enterprises to establish a long-term relationship .

Quality Products

In accordance with GB, HG, JB, DIN, ASTM, JIS and other standards produce a variety of grades of titanium / nickel plates, tubes, rods, wire, forgings and other products; process piping, fittings, standard parts and other standard products; according to customer requirements Design, manufacture of chemical equipment and accessories.
We will rely on “China Titanium City” – Baoji resources, technology and personnel, continue to follow the “quality first, guarantee delivery, fair price” approach, providing quality products and services to new and existing customers, I promote the common development of the two sides.

Main Products

  1. titanium and titanium alloy plates, tubes, rods, wire, forgings, castings and other materials, medical titanium;
  2. titanium / nickel pipe fittings (elbow, head size, tees), piping, flanges, weld ring (flange);
  3. the design and manufacture of titanium / nickel chemical equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, other special material non-standard equipment;
  4. titanium / nickel standard parts, titanium fan, titanium valve.


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