Our titanium factory building based in Baoji China is equipped with advanced engineering machinery to ensure highest quality products with short lead times!

A Selection of Machinery in our Titanium Factory

Titanium Sheet Roller

titanium-sheet-pressTitanium Sheet Roller for the pressing of titanium sheet and plate from titanium slab

Hydraulic Press

titanium-hydraulic-pressOne of 3 three hydraulic presses we have use in the breakdown forming of ingots into billets and slabs for downstream processing through rolling and forging.

Titanium Straightener

titanium-straightenerUsed in the straightening of titanium bar and rods of diameters greater than 30 mm. Bars and rods supplied as semi-finished or processed further into wire and smaller diameter rods.

Titanium Water Cutter

titanium-water-cutterUsed in the precision cutting of plates and titanium sheet with the ablity to cut intricate designs and custom parts.

Titanium Furnace

furnaceWe have several furnaces used to head the titanium ingot prior to breakdown forging. The ingot is moved from the furnace with a crane and seated on the hydraulic press for forging.

Titanium Lathe

titanium-latheThe lathe is required to remove the outer layer of titanium which is subject to piting and cracks from the VAR Furnace and to create a smooth workable surface.

Titanium Manipulator

titanium-manipulatorUsed in conjuction with a hyrdraulic press the manipulator is used to position the workpiece during break down forging to create either a slab of a billet. The manipulator is capable of managing a 7 tonne work piece.

Annealing Furnace

annealing-furnaceAnealing furnance required to anneal titanium bars and titanium tubing to the correct finished state.

Shearing Cutter

titanium-sheet-cutterUsed to cut the titanium plate into specified dimensions or to stock sizes. We have several shearing machines each capable of varying thickness of material.

VAR Furnace

titanium-var-furnaceVAR furnace use in the remelting of the titanium electrode and the production of the ingot. We have two VAR furnaces capable of accepting several different sized crucibles.

Sheet Coil Roller

titanium-sheet-rollerUsed to coil the titanium sheet subject to supply requirements.


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