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Titanium Fasteners

titanium-fastenersWe manufacture and hold stock for a wide range of titnaium screws, washers and bolts for all dimensions. Demand for higher quality products coupled with a shortened lead time allow us to meet those requirements as we are recognised as having the most advanced titanium fastener machinery in Baoji capable of producing mass quality with quality assured titanium.

Our extensive stock inventory allows customers to have quick access to titanium fasteners. We produce titanium fastener across the full size range M2 to M64. We offer titanium fastener in a number of different surface finishes and colors including pickling, black and sandblasted. The mechanical properties of titanium fastener are detailed below and each product set goes through an extensive testing and quality review.

Titanium Fastener Production Capability

  • Titanium Fastener Standards: ASTM F468
  • Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 9, Grade 12
  • Sizes
  • Bolt: M2-M64*L6—300mm
  • Nut: M2-M64
  • Washer: M2-M64
  • Surface Treatment: Polishing, Anodizing, Black oxide or Plating color
  • Standard: DIN912/933/7991/7984/6921,ISO 7380,JIS,BS

titanium fastener types

Titanium Fastener Example Packaging


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