Titanium Bar

Titanium Bar

titanium barWe manufacture and offer a wide selection of Titanium bar and rods items.
Ti bars are available in CP Grades and common alloys including 6AL4V, 6AL4V Eli, 6/6/2. Our Ti bar diameter size range is from 8mm to 400mm
Titanium bar is available in round bar, square bar, rectangular bar or hexagonal bar shapes. Our stock production is aligned to ASTM B348 along and is available for immediate shipping.

We provide titanium rods used in a number of industries with this core marketplaces being aerospace, chemical processing and also the health care industry. Our large volume production supplies a large stocklist and to fulfil orders at short lead cycles.

Titanium Bar Production Capability

The following lists out our titanium tube production capability

  • Titanium Bar Production Standards: ASTM B348
  • Grades: CP Grades – Grade 1 to 4.  Alloys Grade 5, 9, 12, 24, 26, 29
  • Material Certification: EN 10204 3.1 3.2
  • Size Ranges:
    • Diameter – 8mm up to 400mm

Titanium Bar Production

titanium-bar-stockroomA titanium bar is defined as a hot rolled, forged, or cold worked semi-finished solid section product whose cross sectional area is equal to or less than 10 323 mm2
A rectangular bar must be less than or equal to 254 mm in width and greater than 4.8 mm in thickness.

Tensile properties are be determined using a strain rate of 0.003 to 0.007 in./in./min through the specified yield strength, and then increasing the rate so as to produce failure in approximately one additional minute.

Size—Tolerances on titanium and titanium alloy material covered by specification standards.

Titanium Bar Production

titanium-bar-stockroom-shelvesWeight—Quantity extras are applicable to individual items of a grade, thickness, width, and length ordered at one time for shipment at one time to one destination. Different lengths of the same size and grade may be combined for quantity extra. The shipping weight of any item of an ordered size in any finish

A billet is a solid semi-finished section hot rolled or forged from an ingot, with a cross sectional area greater than 10 323 mm2 whose width is less than five times its thickness.

Titanium and titanium alloy bar and billet annealed material may be furnished as descaled, sandblasted, ground, or rough turned.


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