Titanium Fittings

Titanium Fittings

titanium fittingsWe manufacture a full range of Titanium Fittings and Flanges. Fittings include Elbows, Tees, Caps, Reducers and full range of flanges are available. A large stock program in accordance with B16.9 and B16.5 specification provide a large stock inventory for immediate shipping globally.

Outside of the stock program we manufacture and provide an entire choice of titanium fittings to EU and US specifications and standards.

Primary application for fittings is typically for chemical and water treatment industries where titanium fittings are essential due to the anti-corrosive properties and the low weight to cost ratio. We presently are approved suppliers providing titanium fittings to a lot of global chemical engineering plants.

Titanium Fittings Production Capability

titanium fittings all types
The following lists out our titanium tube production capability

  • Titanium Fittings Production Standards: ASTM B862
  • Titanium Fittings Forms: Welded and Seamless – Subject to Request and Specification
  • Grades: CP Grades – Grade 1 to 4. ¬†Alloys Grade 5, 9, 12, 24, 26, 29
  • Certification: ISO 10204 3.1, 3.2 – Third Party Certification
  • Fitting Types:
    • Long Radius Reducing Elbows
    • Long Radius Elbows
    • Long Radius Returns
    • Short Radius Elbows
    • Short Radius 180 deg Returns
    • Straight Tees and Crosses
    • Reducing Outlet Tees and Reducing Outlet Crosses
    • Lap Joint Stub Ends
    • Caps
    • Reducers
  • Flanges:
    • ANSI and ASME Forged Flanges
    • JIS / DIN Flanges
    • Spectacle Blinds

Titanium Fittings Production

titanium fittings stock roomWith fittings being previously created from steel and steel alloys for many years. Recent years have seen an increase in usage and want for titanium just like a fittings material.

To boost the most popular usage of titanium tubing and piping across industrial industries fittings and fittings engineering remains a fantastic portion of growth.

Typically building on within the ANSI B16.5 Class fittings titanium fittings are created for the ranges and specifications needed of fittings. The running advantage response to using titanium just like a materials are its low weight to strength ratio which helps it be ideal when such factors outweight the benefits of other heavier plus much more corrosive materials.


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